Recycled metal art for, one of a kind metal art pieces for your  garden, home and gallery, we also do special orders and design, located in Sidney B.C. Canada

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pleasant street studio recycled metal art, one of a kind for home and garden, eclectic, well made pieces that are made with quality and caring. Enjoy!

Jewelry By Heather

Just a Fraction of the art we have done over the years, more to come as I build this new site.

Just a few examples created at Pleasant Street studio to accent your home and  your garden, made from, yes  you guessed it , recycled metals. Each  metal art piece is  one of a kind making them unique according to what is on hand in our large collection of salvage . I am a little bit old school when it comes to quality so nothing leaves the shop until we are satisfied with the quality. If by chance something is not quite working right I will make good on it, like replacing a clock movement etc. We are setting up a store, on line, with pieces that are available or if you happen to see something you like in our older collection that catches your fancy we can make something along the same lines as that but like I said no 2 pieces are the same. Another thing we do is special orders so if there is something you want created such as a gate, creature or anything else we can do it and will stay in contact as it is being done so you get the piece you want by helping to create it to your own satisfaction. We are a present setting up this new site to replace our old one so have patience, shouldn't be long before there will be a lot of interesting things to view. Pleasant Street Studio recycled metal art, one of a kind for home and garden  

Metal art one of a kind metal art pieces for home and garden, - metal art, recycled metal art, and design -  

Both robots have articulating legs , arms and hands. Bottom one has Minion voice and eyes that light up, both still available - inquire


Sold but more characters to come